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Clearstone Medical Center in Bryant, Arkansas

Do you need a primary care provider in the Bryant/Benton area?  Are you looking for a clinic that can provide both standard medical care with alternative healthcare options?  Your primary care provider is your entry point into the healthcare system. You go see your primary care provider when you develop a cough, feel anxious or depressed, or have joint pain. Your family medicine practitioner provides a diagnosis and treatment for chronic diseases like diabetes, arthritis, and chronic pain conditions. Ultimately your primary care provider is your partner in both short and long-term health for you and all your family members.

Clearstone Medical Center is a Multi-Disciplinary Medical Clinic that targets and treats the source of chronic pain, rather than only focusing on the symptoms. We're one of the only facilities in central Arkansas providing services in the new and exciting field of non-surgical, drugless, regenerative medicine therapy.

Multi-Disciplinary Clinic

At Clearstone Medical Center, we take into account the whole person, including all aspects of lifestyle. Appropriate use of both conventional and alternative medicine is used to facilitate the body's healing response. We offer both Medical and Chiropractic services in the same facility.

Team Approach

Multiple specialists working together on a problem yields the best chances of solving it. Our patients receive treatment from our team of specialists that share their findings and recommendations to create the best treatment plan for each patient and their unique challenges.

Clearstone Medical Center Staff

Providers At Clearstone Medical Center: (L-R) Ryan Roth DC, Lawana Bradley APRN, Michelle Orange APRN

Providers At Clearstone Medical Center:

Ryan Roth, DC

Ryan Roth, DC

Lawana Bradley APRN

Lawana Bradley, APRN

Michelle Orange, APRN

Michelle Orange, APRN

Conservative Management

Clearstone practitioners design treatment plans based on a thorough diagnosis. Often, for chronic pain, this means no surgery or prescriptive drugs, but a non-invasive approach that is considered "conservative" because it eliminates the high risks that come with surgery and prescription drugs.

A Higher Level of Comfort

If you don’t like talking to strangers about your health issues, you’re not alone. You can certainly go to an urgent care clinic when you’re not feeling well, but you never know who you’re going to talk to. One day it could be someone you like, the next time an inexperienced practitioner with poor bedside manners. Your health is personal, and so should be your relationship with your primary care provider. Over time your primary care provider will learn about your unique healthcare challenges and work with you to not only help you when you’re feeling sick today, but help you achieve greater health so you can enjoy life to its fullest, far into the future.

Personalized Treatment

At Clearstone Medical Center, we customize treatment for each patient's individual needs--because each and every person is different.  When you receive treatment at Clearstone, you actually spend time talking to and working with our specialists. Our practitioners invest in you and give you the time and attention needed for a successful outcome.

Choose Clearstone Medical Center as Your Bryant & Benton Family Medicine Provider

The team at Clearstone Medical Center treats every patient like family. Your health influences everything you do in life. You need a primary care provider that can not only give you immediate relief but help you achieve long-term relief so you can live each day with more energy, less stress, and confidence.  Clearstone providers believe that patients need options with their healthcare needs.  Our office specializes both in standard medical and in complementary and alternatives healthcare options to give patients the ability to choose what is best for their healthcare needs.


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