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The Clearstone Medical Center Vision

Our integrated medical clinic is guided by our unwavering commitment to unchain the human healing potential, restore the quality of life, and inspire hope while treating every patient with respect and dignity.  We strive to be the clinic patients choose not only because of our expertise in providing the most diverse and effective conservative options but for our ability to deliver the same thoughtful relationship-based medical care we would expect for our own families.

Our Story is About Who We Serve

Over the years, many patients enter our clinic doors in significant pain with life stopping ailments. For one reason or another, conventional treatment for their condition failed them. They might have had complications with medicine, surgery may not have been an option in their health state, or all other options have been exhausted.

Clearstone Medical Center Staff

Providers At Clearstone Medical Center: (L-R) Ryan Roth DC, Lawana Bradley APRN, Michelle Orange APRN

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Jimmy WardJimmy Ward
13:17 07 May 23
About three weeks ago my lower back was hurting,no it was excruciating I already had surgery and was told by neurologist that there wasn't anything he could other than pain management. I seen a ad from magazine and called clearstone medical made appointment and spoke with Dr.Roth best decision I could have made I'm experiencing zero pain at moment and feeling like I'm going to get my life back. Without surgery without pain pills. I highly recommend Dr.Roth his knowledge and skill is remarkable and I can't thank him enough. ITS been about 3months since i started seeing Dr. Roth I have went from constant pain barely could walk too no pain can walk a half a mile without pain He and his staff have given me a life again. I cant thank them enough. If your having problems were told there is nothing left that can be done or in pain management Go see them it really can change your life. Truly remarkable and the most caring, God bless all of you!!!!
Jan VandiverJan Vandiver
12:06 04 May 23
Everyone are so kind and respectful. Dr Roth is amazing. He takes so much time with me. He explains everything in detail. I have complicated back issues. He takes the time to see what procedure will work best for me. I highly recommend Clearstone Medical.
Kevin JonesKevin Jones
03:36 11 Apr 23
Dr. Roth and his staff are awesome! I was having terrible leg and lower back pain and Dr. Roth was able to help me alleviate the pain completely. The staff makes you feel like you are part of the family and I couldn't recommend this clinic more enthusiastically!
Luis O. Gabriel IIILuis O. Gabriel III
20:10 13 Mar 23
Dr. Roth is an amazing doctor that has helped our 16 year son beyond belief. After having 3 surgeries within a year from a torn meniscus and having no relief and constant knee pain on a daily basis and not being able to just walk without pain has been unbearable for a 16 year old athlete. With Dr. Roth’s expertise and exceptional knowledge at his clinic my son is pain free completely and getting ready to get back to be a teenager and back on the field. I cannot not say enough about Clearstone and what they can do!!! It is amazing and miraculous. Thank you Dr. Roth!!!
Davina FlowersDavina Flowers
00:20 28 Feb 23
Dr. Ryan Roth has been a God send. My very first appointment Dr. Roth spent so much time with doing an evaluation and explaining in depths about Neuropathy and chronic pain and has really dug deep to get to the source of my chronic pain. Before coming and being treated by Dr. Roth simple daily activities were very limited due to chronic pain and swelling, but after having a few treatments I can enjoy a simply outing, or walking around a store, or even cooking without being in tears from the pain being so much and the swelling from the Neuropathy. I understand there is no cure for my condition, but by being seen and continued visits with Dr. Roth I now have my smile back, and have my joy back in being able to enjoy life. Do I still have pain? Yes, but it's manageable and it has been at least 4 years that I have been able to enjoy the simplicity of life. Thank you Dr. Roth for your knowledge and ability to help me without another medication to take or another surgery to undergo. Thank you to his staff in Bryant, AR for being so nice and warming and understanding. Thank you all for having a servant's heart and helping not only me but so many others.

Providers At Clearstone Medical Center:

Dr. Ryan Roth, DC

Ryan Roth, DC

Lawana Bradley APRN

Lawana Bradley, APRN

Michelle Orange, APRN

Michelle Orange, APRN

A Story About a Patient

One patient, John (not real name), came to our office with numbness, tingling, and weakness in his legs that progressed over the years. He had significant debilitating back pain and knee pain. In addition, John was a diabetic and insulin-dependent. After visiting his primary doctor, he was diagnosed with diabetic neuropathy and told there was no treatment available. He was prescribed gabapentin to help control his neuropathy symptoms, but they didn't help much, and he suffered from some pretty harsh side-effects from the medication.

John continued to seek help from other physicians but was only met with the same level of care and answers. After years of seeing his life spiral downward, he was angry and determined to try anything to get his life back. This was when we met John.

Because John never got an opportunity to be heard by the variety of clinics he visited, an assumption was made that his symptoms were stemming from his diabetic neuropathy. The doctors he saw never heard that his symptoms were worse in one leg than another, or that they were nearly gone in the morning upon waking and become worse as the day progressed. They never heard him explain that when he got in certain positions, his symptoms nearly disappeared.

Ultimately the doctors missed the diagnoses. John was showing symptoms of compressive neuropathy that comes from the lower back. He was also never told that his type 2 diabetes was controllable and reversible through lifestyle adjustments. No nutrition recommendations were provided.

We're proud to say that under our care, John's symptoms were eliminated, and he was able to remove all medications and insulin-related to his diabetes. Most importantly – John was able to resume his life and things that gave him joy.

Why We’re an Integrated Medical Practice

The practitioners at Clearstone Medical Center share a common goal and interest in looking for answers to problems like John's. Physical therapeutics alone cannot fully help with this type of problem. Everything starts with a proper diagnosis. Without a proper diagnosis, effective treatment can never happen. For chronic, multi-factorial, and complicated conditions like John's, it takes a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all potential problem areas, and requires time and attention needed for treatment.

Because of cases like John's, Clearstone Medical Center is now a comprehensive, integrated medical practice that combines multiple different healthcare disciplines under one roof.

The Right Diagnosis Can Save Your Life

Did you know that 80% of a doctor’s diagnosis comes from what the patient says alone? John was given the wrong diagnosis and suffered for years because of it. We understand the importance of taking the time to get a correct diagnosis. We listen carefully, ask the right questions, and use advanced diagnostic procedures, including digital X-ray, diagnostic ultrasound, MRI/CT analysis, comprehensive bloodwork, urinalysis, and stool analysis.


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