Car Accident Treatment & Recovery

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Car Accident Treatment & Recovery

When a person is injured in an auto accident, muscles, tendons, and ligaments get damaged.  This leads to muscle spasms and a condition called muscle splinting.  Usually, the damage occurs on both side of the spine but in an unequal fashion.  The loss of equality in function will lead to painful neck and back conditions that significantly affect a person’s ability to carry on their normal activities. 

Why Is It Important To Seek Immediate Treatment?

It makes sense that an auto accident leads to pain immediately following the accident, but did you know that an auto-accident can set the stage for long-term painful conditions?  Many times, the injury that occurred now sets the stage for long-term painful conditions like headaches, neck pain, and back pain that occurs many years later.  This is due to scar tissue that develops from the trauma that occurred following the accident.

It is critically important to seek competent and comprehensive treatment to not only help you feel better now but to also help prevent long-term painful conditions that develop in the years that follow.  This requires a comprehensive treatment approach that combines medical treatment with rehabilitative physical therapeutics.


Why Is Clearstone Medical Center Different?

Treating injuries following an auto accident requires specialized training.  Clearstone Medical Center is not a standard medical clinic.  Clearstone employs both medical practitioners and physical medicine practitioners that work together to treat and correct injury in a comprehensive manner.  Furthermore, these practitioners have been trained specifically to address auto-accident injuries and help prevent long-term damage that often occurs following an auto-accident.


What If I Have An Attorney Representing Me?

It is common for patients to seek an attorney following an auto-accident.  We are happy to work with your attorney.  Examination of the patient following an auto accident requires a more thorough approach than for more simple cases that present to the clinic.  Our practitioners are trained in how to properly examine and document auto-accident injuries.