Pain Management Doctors In Little Rock Arkansas

Pain Management Doctors In Little Rock Arkansas

More than 1.5 billion around the world live with chronic pain. Anyone with chronic pain will complain of the difficulty to sleep and concentrate during the day. Body pains affect the enjoyment of life and limit flexibility during the day. You should hire a pain management doctor who will fasten recovery while reducing the chances of further risks.

Who is a pain management doctor?


The pain management doctor is a highly trained outstanding doctor who can diagnose and coordinate different treatments for proper ongoing care for the pain patient. They typically have an extra year of fellowship treat acute conditions that need multiple therapies.

The typical pain management doctor has nine years of training. They begin as general medical trainees and get four additional years in a particular field like rehabilitation, neurology, physical medicine, or anesthesiology. The final certification is by the American Board of Pain Medicine to authenticate the practitioner’s skills.

Long-term support

Some patients who need care throughout life will benefit from months and years of visiting dedicated pain management doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas. Most of these doctors work with patients who battled pains for three months or longer. You can expect your first visit to the pain management doctor to evaluate and diagnose the progressive development of your problem since the first day.

What conditions does the pain management doctor treat?

  • Pains in the lower back, hip, neck, and knee
  • Arthritis
  • Sciatica
  • CRPS
  • Nerve pain

What can you expect from the pain management doctor?


Pain treatment begins with the primary care doctor when you visit for a diagnosis and possible pain medications. You will get advanced pain treatment by specialized pain management doctors in Little Rock, Arkansas, who can involve more than common pain relief medication. Pain relief medication can include the following types:

  • Muscle relaxant
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Anti-depressant
  • Numbing medication


The only qualified medical doctor who can treat your medical condition should have technologies like RFA, chemical agents, and other chemical supplementation to lessen the pain. Additional injections lubricate joints to ease arthritis pain. Severe conditions benefit from a spinal cord stimulator that relieves pain and controls sensory pain.

The pain management clinic has several procedure rooms with frequency technologies like ultrasound and X-ray rooms. The pain doctor performs several procedures to sedate you. The difference between the pain management doctor and a general doctor is that you will not drown in many different medications before finding the underlying cause of the problem.

Why choose Little Rock?

Our doctors keep all patients confident by performing all necessary diagnosis for every pain complaint. We have the right combination of tools to help you cope with chronic pain at the beginning of the treatment. We explain the true nature of the treatments so you can get the full revelation of each step.

Many patients with chronic pain find long-lasting relief at our clinic because we have intense follow-up programs for pain management patients. We have online booking options for you to get consultation dates for different pains. Contact (501) 333-6654 to get personalized treatment for your body.


Pain Management Doctors In Little Rock Arkansas

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