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Chronic Pain

When You Have Chronic Or Acute Pain....

When you have chronic or acute pain, a common route many people are forced to take is to seek treatment from a medical doctor. Unfortunately, your visit to a medical doctor usually results in long wait times, a short visit with the doctor, and two options: surgery and/or prescriptive drugs. Many people leave their visit feeling hopeless, not wanting to take on the risks of surgery or addictive prescription drugs.

If you are looking for an alternative approach for pain relief than the typical route described above, Clearstone Medical Center may be the answer you are looking for!

What if There was a Safer Option that Provided a Long-Term Solution?

Do you feel like the medical system has failed you? Many people are desperate to try anything that might alleviate their pain and get them back to enjoying life. Most patients have never heard of regenerative medicine. Unlike traditional medicine that uses drugs to treat symptoms and mask the primary problem, regenerative medicine targets the underlying condition and promotes healing. Regenerative Medicine uses the latest innovations in medicine to give the body the potential to regenerate damaged tissue rather than break it down like traditional medicine. Clearstone Medical center provides regenerative products from labs that are safe and regulated by the FDA and American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB).

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is a rapidly emerging science that enables your body to heal itself, using naturally occurring cellular tissues and fluids. Clearstone Medical Center provides regenerative amniotic allografts and mesenchymal stem cell treatments for the purpose of repairing and healing damaged degenerated tissues.  The allografts are composed of robust sources of hyaluronic acid, regenerative cells, and cytokines to help regenerate your body's tissues.  These powerful growth factors offer unique healing properties and are the fundamental components of regenerative medicine.

Regenerative Medicine in Bryant AR

Regenerative Medicine - an alternative and revolutionary approach to pain relief - is offered at Clearstone Medical Center in Bryant, AR.

What Parts of the Body Can Be Treated with Regenerative Medicine?

Providing regenerative medicine helps in the healing of many types of soft tissue and joint problems.  In many cases, they provide structural cushioning between joints while helping to stimulate the body’s healing potential.

What are the Benefits of Regenerative Medicine?

  • Regenerative Medicine involves quick procedures that require no downtime or anesthesia.
  • The procedures are extremely safe
  • Allows your body to heal itself without surgery or drugs
  • Heals the underlying condition rather than masking the symptoms

Why Clearstone Medical Center for Regenerative Medicine?

  • Clearstone uses ultrasound guidance to ensure proper placement and delivery of treatment.
  • Clearstone staff is trained, certified, and experienced in performing regenerative medicine procedures.
  • We offer a full gamut of regenerative medicine procedures.

Regenerative Medicine Treatments

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) – Joint injections, Tendon / Ligament injections
  • Wharton’s Jelly Injections (rich in Stem Cells and cytokines)
  • Traumeel / Zeel Injections – (All-natural anti-inflammatory and Nerve-blocking injectable)
  • Cold Laser Therapy – Low Level Laser Therapy
Regenerative Medicine

I am interested in Regenerative Medicine. What do I do now?

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